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We are a full service lab and we fabricate all products in lab. Outsource your lab work here!

Quick Tips Episode 6: Full Arch Implant Hybrids - Simplified Clinical Protocol

Quick Tips Episode 6: Full Arch Implant Hybrids – Simplified Clinical Protocol
In this episode, Dr. Celin Arce, DDS, and Matt Winstead, CDT, VP, discuss full arch implant hybrids using a simplified clinical protocol to help ensure a successful implant case.
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Oral Arts has been a leader in the dental lab industry for over 45 years. Founded by Thomas Winstead and headquartered in Huntsville, AL, Oral Arts is built on a foundation of skilled dental technicians and strong relationships with our customers. We use state of the art CAD/CAM technology in the manufacturing of our products in one of the most innovative dental labs in North America. Learn why Oral Arts Dental Laboratories should be the choice for you and your patients!

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Oral Arts is a leader in the dental lab industry by providing a high level of quality, fast turnaround, and expert customer service.

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