Send Us Your Before and After pictures!

  • Select a patient you would like to document clinically
  • Take patient before AND after photos (Full face, Retracted Close Up, Upper and Lower Occlusal Views)
  • Ask that patient for permission to use their photos and have them sign the Patient Consent Form.
  • Email the photos and the consent form to the Marketing Department including the patient’s name and the doctor’s name

What kind of cases are we looking for?

  • Metal Free Cases
  • Any Implant Cases
  • Denture or Partial Cases
  • Oral Arts Select Cases

Metal Free Restorations

Emax Restorations


Restorations Over Implants


Flexible Partial

Oral Arts Select

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Featured Case Study

Dr. Mark McOmie, DMD, Chattanooga, TN

There are so many misconceptions and myths out there surrounding implant dentistry. This case shows the facts about implant dentistry and some of the options.