BruxZir Solid Zirconia

 October 16, 2013

Bruxzir – All Zirconia crowns and bridges are fabricated using the same state-of-the-art scan and mill technology as our successful Forte YZr crowns, but instead of layering porcelain over the zirconia, we mill Bruxzir to full contour. Bruxzir is more Brawn than Beauty. Bruxzir is a monolithic material ideal to replace posterior full-gold crowns and metal occlusals for patients who are leery of placing alloy in the mouth. These crowns are very strong, made of a monolithic zirconia. Bruxzir is available in all the classic shades, and achieved by dipping the zirconia prior to sintering and then staining and glazing for a final shade match.

Education Materials
Turnaround Time - 5 days
  • Five day in lab turn around.
  • An esthetic alternative to the traditional Full Cast restoration
  • Extreme strength of monolithic zirconia
  • A non-oxide forming alternative to alloy restorations
  • Save $20 per unit by using an intra-oral scanner and model-less technique
  • Anterior & Posterior Crowns or Bridges
  • Screw-Retained Crowns or Bridges
  • Crowns or Bridges over Custom Abutments
  • Inlays & Onlays
  • Inlay Bridges and Maryland Bridges
  • Crown Tattoos
  • Zirconia up to 1,132 MPa versus 1,200+ MPa for typical zirconia
  • Three to six times the fracture toughness (aka K1C value) of typical zirconia
  • Conventional cementation using non-expanding resin modified glass ionomer
  • D2740 Crown
  • D6245 Pontic for a bridge
  • D6740 Abutment for a bridge
  • Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer – Crowns/Bridges (not veneers)
    • FugiCEM 2, GC America
    • RelyX Luting Plus, 3M ESPE
    • Nexus RMGI, Kerr
  • Self-Adhesive Resin – Crowns/Bridges (not veneers)
    • Panavia SA Cement, Kuraray
    • RelyX Unicem 2, 3M ESPE
    • Max Cem Elite, Kerr

***In general, lithium disilicate restorations are etched before they are placed. Before restorations are placed with adhesive or self-adhesive cementation materials, they are conditioned with Silane.***

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