Element-Z® Solid Zirconia

Turnaround Time - 5 Days


Conservative Prep, Lifelike Translucency, Maximum Strength

Element-Z full contour solid zirconia is the NEW natural option for posterior restorations. This solid zirconia restoration requires no porcelain overlay and provides both strength and esthetics. Its chip-resistant quality makes Element-Z the preferred treatment option. Element-Z crowns and bridges are milled to full contour using a solid zirconia that is 26% more translucent than conventional zirconia, resulting in more natural looking restorations. This monolithic material provides ultra-thin, yet strong, posterior restorations that provide the strength to support thin posterior single unit crowns to long-span bridges. Element-Z requires minimal tooth reduction of 0.5mm to 1.0mm; making it the conservative option for both the patient and clinician. Element-Z is available in all 16 VITA shades, offers a flexural strength of up to 1,200 MPa, and can be used for cement-retained and screw-retained implant crowns as well.

Education Materials
  • Upper and lower impressions or models
  • Bite Registration
  • Tooth shade
  • 3 day in-lab turnaround & $20 off per unit using digital model-less technique
  • An esthetic alternative to the traditional Full Cast restoration
  • Extreme strength of monolithic zirconia
  • A non-oxide forming alternative to alloy restorations
  • Less tooth reduction than PFM
  • Increased fracture toughness vs. PFM
  • More affordable than PFM and/or PFZ.
  • Anterior & Posterior Crowns or Bridges
  • Screw-Retained Crowns or Bridges
  • Crowns or Bridges over Custom Abutments
  • Inlays & Onlays
  • Inlay Bridges and Maryland Bridges
  • Crown Tattoos
  • Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer – Crowns/Bridges (not veneers)
    • FugiCEM 2, GC America
    • RelyX Luting Plus, 3M ESPE
    • Nexus RMGI, Kerr
  • Self-Adhesive Resin – Crowns/Bridges (not veneers)
    • Panavia SA Cement, Kuraray
    • RelyX Unicem 2, 3M ESPE
    • Max Cem Elite, Kerr
  • D2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate
  • D2610 Inlay – Porcelain/Ceramic – One Surface
  • D2620 Inlay – Porcelain/Ceramic – Two Surfaces
  • D2630 Inlay – Porcelain/Ceramic – Three or More Surfaces
  • D2642 Onlay – Porcelain/Ceramic – Two Surfaces
  • D2643 Onlay – Porcelain/Ceramic – Three Surfaces
  • D2644 Onlay – Porcelain/Ceramic – Four or More Surfaces
  • D2783 Crown – 3/4 Porcelain/Ceramic
  • D6245 Pontic – Porcelain/Ceramic
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