At Oral Arts Dental Lab, we have always believed it is our responsibility to get your cases to and from the lab – at no charge! In many parts of the country we have established regular daily pick-up and delivery routes to better serve our customers. Contact our shipping department today and see if your office is located along one of our routes.

5-day turnaround on all restorations up to ten units!*

(*Excluding Oral Arts Select)

Fees includes shipping both ways except overnight and rush cases.

Overnight shipping is available for an extra fee.

Crown & Bridge

BruxZir, BruxZir Anterior, IPS e.max, Forte YZr, PFM (1-10 Units) 5 Days
Model-Less BruxZir, IPS e.max, Lava Ultimate, Temporaries, Scans must be received by 11:00 AM for a 3 day turnaround 3 Days
11 or more Units 7 Days
Full Cast 3 Days
Lava & Lava Ultimate Restorative 5 Days
BruxZir Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge 10-12 Days
Crown with Attachments or Implants 10 Days
Custom Titanium or Zirconia Abutment Only 5 Days
Custom Ti or Zr Abutment with Crown 10 Days
Screw-Retained BruxZir or IPS e.max 5 Days
Select Restorations 1-12 Units 10 Days
Select Restorations 13 or more Units Call for Scheduling

Crown & Bridge Rush Charges

24 Hour, In-House $75.00 per Unit
48 Hour, In-House $50.00 per Unit
72 Hour, In-House $25.00 per Unit

Additional shipping charges may apply.

Cast Partial

Cast Partial Framework 5 Days
Cast Partial Set-up for Try-in 8 Days
Cast Partial Set-Up, Process, and Finish 10 Days
Cast Partial Bite Rim 7 Days

Thermoplastic Partials

Set-up for Try-in 4 Days
Process and Finish 3 Days
Set-up, Process and Finish 6 Days

Cu-Sil® Partial

Set-up for Try-in 4 Days
Process and Finish 4 Days
Re-shoot Cu-Sil and Reline 3 Days

Dentures & Virginia Partial™

Set-up for Try-in 3 Days
Process and Finish 3 Days
Set-up, Process and Finish 5 Days
Bite Rims, Trays, and Relines                            2 Days


Ortho Appliances 5-7 Days

Splints & Mouthguards

Comfort H/S 6 Days
Processed Acrylic Splint 6 Days

Sleep Apnea Devices

Myerson EMA 5 Days
TAP 3 Elite TL 5 Days