At Oral Arts Dental Labs we have always believed it is our responsibility to get your cases to and from the lab – at no charge! In many parts of the country we have established regular daily pick-up and delivery routes to better serve our customers. Contact our shipping department today and see if your office is located along one of our routes.

5-day turnaround on all restorations up to ten units!*

(*Excluding Oral Arts Select)

Fees includes shipping both ways except overnight and rush cases.

Overnight shipping is available for an extra fee.

Crown & Bridge

BruxZir, IPS e.max, Forte yZr, Lava, PFM (1-10 Units) 5 Days
Model-Less BruxZir, IPS e.max 4 Days
11 or more Units 7 Days
Digital Model-Less Crowns received by 11 am 3 Days
Full Cast 3 Days
Lava Ultimate Restorative 4 Days
BruxZir Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge 12 Days
Crown with Attachments or Implants 10 Days
Custom Titanium or Zirconia Abutment Only 10 Days
Custom Ti or Zr Abutment with Crown 10 Days
Select Restorations 1-12 Units 10 Days
Select Restorations 13 or more Units Call for Scheduling

Crown & Bridge Rush Charges

24 Hour, In-House $75.00 per Unit
48 Hour, In-House $50.00 per Unit
72 Hour, In-House $25.00 per Unit

Additional shipping charges may apply.

Cast Partial

Cast Partial Framework 5 Days
Cast Partial Set-up for Try-in 8 Days
Cast Partial Set-Up, Process, and Finish 10 Days
Cast Partial Bite Rim 7 Days

Thermoplastic Partials

Set-up for Try-in 4 Days
Process and Finish 3 Days
Set-up, Process and Finish 6 Days

Cu-Sil® Partial

Set-up for Try-in 4 Days
Process and Finish 4 Days
Re-shoot Cu-Sil and Reline 3 Days

Dentures & Virginia Partial™

Set-up for Try-in 3 Days
Process and Finish 3 Days
Set-up, Process and Finish 5 Days
Bite Rims, Trays, and Relines                            2 Days


Ortho Appliances 2-7 Days

Splints & Mouthguards

Comfort H/S 5 Days
Processed Acrylic Splint 5 Days

Sleep Apnea Devices

Myerson EMA 5 Days
TAP 3 Elite TL 5 Days