Oral Arts Select™

 September 26, 2013

Dentistry courtesy of Dr. Myra Stafford

Dr. Mario Romero chooses to use an Oral Arts SELECT restoration while utilizing photography to effectively communicate with us for optimal shading results. For more information visit his online seminar.

Restorations Redefined

By definition the word select means: “Choice, excellent, exclusive”… and Oral Arts Select restorations fit that definition perfectly. Oral Arts Select™ will go beyond your expectations for quality… right to the pinnacle of aesthetic dentistry.

Oral Arts Select restorations are crafted by our specially trained technicians, using only the finest materials. Just like natural teeth, Oral Arts Select crowns and bridges are built in numerous different layers resulting in an enhanced chroma and highly increased opalescence. This creates more vitality, depth and internal characteristics than any standard dental restoration can achieve. And Oral Arts Select is available with any crown or bridge restoration offered by Oral Arts Dental Labs.

Oral Arts is known for its standard of personal service, and each Oral Arts Select case will receive an even higher degree of one-on-one personal contact and quality control between doctor and technician.

When your patients demand the finest aesthetic restorations available, prescribe Oral Arts Select.

For Best Results Please Include the Following With Your Case:

  • Both maxillary and mandibular preoperative casts. Mark on cast the outline of the required tissue contouring that will be performed at the time of prepping. (Contact us, we would be happy to assist you with design if you are unsure.)
  • Diagnostic wax-ups
  • A smile design from a personalized smile or a smile catalog (Available from Oral Arts upon request.)
  • Bite Registration
  • No plastic triple trays – Metal Impression Trays preferred

Check List of Items Needed to Complete a Cosmetic Case:

  1. Photos of pre-op teeth with shade guide from different angles
  2. Photos of preps with stump shade tabs
  3. Photos of temporaries, full face including eyes.
  4. Photos of temporaries, eye to chin relaxed lip position
  5. Model of pre-op
  6. Model of temporaries
  7. Bite registration
  8. Full arch impression
  9. Stick bite (vertical and horizontal plane parallel to interpupillary line)
  10. Detailed lab slip expressing goals for your patient
  11. Indicate the desired length of final restorations

Fabricated by Oral Arts Technicians