Dr. John Kakales

 September 23, 2013

I seated K—‘s crowns this morning and I have to say I was impressed. Great occlusion, interproximal contacts were correct, overall appearance very pleasing to the patient. I would like to get together someday soon and discuss overall goals for my cases and how I can help relay as much info to get the results that I’m striving for my patients. Great job guys!!!!! Also seated K—-’s case today and again, very impressed. Once I get used to using the Zirconium crowns and their capabilities, I will like them more. A note to the ceramist: I really appreciate your time and effort in the small details for these 2 cases. I do notice where you put the marginal ridges and how natural light reflects off of the buccal surfaces. Very well done. I also notice the small striations you placed in the porcelain on the buccal so as not to appear smooth but to mimic the way a tooth actually lops. Very well done again. Reflections of light off of your crowns was pretty impressive. Again, thanks so much for an easy day of seats.

Dr. John KakalesDDSSouth Haven, MS