In addition to the consistent quality workmanship and professionalism we receive from Oral Arts, we just finished a couple of “crazy cases” that could not have gone better. Tom decides to move out of state early half way through an implant/lower partial denture case. Somehow you “guys” rushed half the lab steps and we finished it less than a week before he moved. Kristen does not want to go through orthodontics but wants teeth that look like the airbrushed models in Vogue magazine. Oral Arts did a wax up-completely changing the length and shape of her teeth, then mimicked it in the lab processed temporary, we made modifications to the shapes of the acrylic temporary as she changed her mind, communicated those changes to you and delivered the case yesterday. Somehow you met the almost unrealistic expectations of the patient. The only thing that did not go well with Kristen is the full face post op picture I took to send as a thank you. In sunlight and the overhead office lights, it looks flawless, the flash of my camera did a horrible job of capturing her new smile.

Please share my thanks with everyone

Dr. Paul & Karen CallahanDDSSterling, VA

Thank you Oral Arts for consistently producing superb restorations. Their fit, function, durability and esthetics are second to none. Your personal and professional staff are delightful to work with. I strongly recommend your services to any Dentist who wants to consistently deliver superior outcomes for their patients. Working with a great lab like Oral Arts makes coming to work fun again!

Andrew D. MylanderDDSNew Bern, NC

Recently inserted lower valplast partial on an patient with a difficult occlusion it fit extremely well, as well as all the appliances you have made for me. You have such a pleasant demeanor and communicate very professional by phone. Let’s keep it up.

Dr. Ashley H. SullivanDDSKnoxville, TN

Friends at Oral Arts,

I have a patient who had  rampant caries and was in jeopardy of losing all her maxillary teeth. Your constructed twelve crowns for all remaining upper dentition. I cemented in the last of these crowns today. All crowns fit perfectly without adjustments and were aesthetically pleasing to both the patient and me.  Extracting her teeth would have been a major blow to this woman. Oral Arts saved the day!

Dr. Len Radin, DMDNorth Adams, Massachusetts

Oral Arts Dental gives us the highest quality consistently. When we seat an Oral Arts crown our patients routinely say, “It looks and feels just like my tooth!” That is the highest compliment we can get.

Dr. Mark McOmieDMDChattanooga, TN

There are occasions in the course of professional relationships between dentist and laboratory that call for moments of recognition and praise. This is one such occasion, with the beautiful cosmetic fabrication by the team at Oral Arts Dental Laboratories for a patient with a long standing cosmetic problem. After several years of worry with failing bonded porcelain Maryland bridges replacing her lateral incisors, ceramists at Oral Arts fabricated two beautiful E-Max porcelain bridges, while the previous work was under warranty, that have delighted this young lady with new-found confidence and radiant smile.Oral Arts has always gone the extra mile for me and my patients and it is for that reason that I have maintained this professional business relationship & loyalty for almost twenty six years. Your excellent work and integrity does not go unnoticed and you are most appreciated.

Dr. Ralph W ThackerDMDLivermore, KY

I have been a client of Oral Arts since 1974. With education and innovation, the most modern technology has always been primary at Oral Arts. In addition they do whatever it takes, including going above and beyond to make their product correct for our patients.

Dr. Dennis JonesDDSPort Charlotte, Florida

I am a participant of Donated Dental Services. I received service from Dr. Richard DuBois’ office (upper & lower partial). This note is being sent to you to express my gratitude – thank you very much. My experience at Dr. DuBois’ office and your laboratory was truly a blessing. All staff members were professional, organized, precise, time efficient and the office was very, very sanitary. I actually enjoyed my visits and will continue to enjoy my partials. Cordially

Donated Dental ServicesHuntsville, AL

I seated K—‘s crowns this morning and I have to say I was impressed. Great occlusion, interproximal contacts were correct, overall appearance very pleasing to the patient. I would like to get together someday soon and discuss overall goals for my cases and how I can help relay as much info to get the results that I’m striving for my patients. Great job guys!!!!! Also seated K—-’s case today and again, very impressed. Once I get used to using the Zirconium crowns and their capabilities, I will like them more. A note to the ceramist: I really appreciate your time and effort in the small details for these 2 cases. I do notice where you put the marginal ridges and how natural light reflects off of the buccal surfaces. Very well done. I also notice the small striations you placed in the porcelain on the buccal so as not to appear smooth but to mimic the way a tooth actually lops. Very well done again. Reflections of light off of your crowns was pretty impressive. Again, thanks so much for an easy day of seats.

Dr. John KakalesDDSSouth Haven, MS

I am retiring after 47 years. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were by far the best lab that I have ever done work for’! Please thank everyone for their hard work! Also, I am giving you my son’s address that is a Dentist in Hickory, NC. I will put in a good word for you with him and any other dentist I speak with!

Dr. HeltonLexington, Kentucky

Dear Oral Arts: I have been quite pleased with your work! I want to especially thank you for your recent case on a patient with Empress Crowns 5-12. All 8 crowns fit nicely and I only had one contact to adjust a little. Thank you so much for being conscientious. I look forward to a continuing relationship with “our” patients.

Dr. Mike FinnernDDSBartlett, TN

My staff and I want to thank you for your donation of lab services for Patient Mary. Mary is very appreciative and deserving lady of your denerosity. Great job and thank you again.

Dr. Jim CurtissDDSFt. Wayne, IN

Oral Arts is a trendsetter in our profession. They are committed to giving us as dentists the state of the art advancements, which allows us to give our patients the highest quality of care. They understand that technology is the future of our profession.

Dr. Gordon IsbellDMD, MAGDGadsden, AL

Just wanted to drop you all a note of praise. I’ve been in practice 26 years and you are only the third removable lab I have worked with,I changed to you recently when my old lab tech left the profession. You are doing a great job, thank you for your good work.

Ralph (Bud) SwigerDDSLeesburg, VA