Adjustment Kits

Oral Arts Adjustment Kits make adjustment easier, more effective and more efficient.

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Oral Arts Flexible Partial Adjustment Kit is an excellent chair-side tool to aid in seating your next Flexible Partial. Our flexible adjustment kit includes five very useful stones and rubber points in a variety of sizes that are used on a daily basis to fabricate flexible partials. Oral Arts brings you a complete and simple solution that makes adjustment easier, more effective, and more efficient.

Komet Lithium Disilicate & Solid Zirconia Adjustment Kit

Komet Lithium Disilicate & Solid Zirconia Adjustment Kit is ideal for adjusting and polishing both Element-Z and IPS e.max Crowns. It contains two special diamonds to reduce chipping and two polishing points to finish with a high polish shine. The diamonds can also be used to cut off a zirconia crown.