Conventional Dentures

We take pride in fabricating beautiful and natural-looking dentures with the highest quality acrylic available. Our denture craftsmen are experts at creating festooning, stippling or rugi, depending on your preferences.  

  • Available as an economy or premium denture 

  • Teeth in standard or lingualized occlusion 

  • Also available: Screw-retained denture, Precision attachment retained, and CAD/CAM Bar Over Denture 

10 Days
PVS or Digital


Tooth Types

Tooth Types

Vita, Trubyte, Bioform, Bioblend, IPS, New Hue, Ivoclar Blue Line and many more tooth types are available 

IvoBase Injection Process

IvoBase Injection Process

  • The IvoBase Premium Injection Process is available and eliminates variation in vertical dimension commonly found in conventional techniques, providing the best fitting dentures available with less acrylic fractures  

  • Request the Ivobase Premium Injection Process on your RX  

Insurance Codes

Insurance Codes

  • D5110 – Complete denture – maxillary 

  • D5120 – Complete denture – mandibular 

Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty/Limitation of Liability: Oral Arts Laboratories (“the lab”) warrants that all dental devices (a “device”) are made according to your specification and approval in the belief that the device will be useful and makes no other warranties including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser of a device and does not extend to patients or other individuals and/or entities to whom the device(s) is/are sold, implanted, inserted or delivered. Subject to the return of a device that is placed and then fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, the lab will repair or remake the device without charge or for a partial charge based on original invoice price, at the lab’s option, as follows:Dentures and partials but excluding immediate dentures, up to one year. 

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